Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Its taken a while...

The last few months have been hard work, but it is now all coming together, and hopefully in time for the 40th anniversary of Elvis' passing in August.

The artwork for the cover of Elvis Under The Covers is being produced by the very talented Hollie Crankshaw who of course did the makeup for The Raven.

And that's not all...

I previously suggested that Mike Sanchez would be providing the foreword, well that's not quite true. Mike has kindly written his Rock And Roll Reflections that describe the influence that Elvis had on him whilst he was growing up as well as later on in his career.

Still available on Amazon!

So what of the foreword? Well I am pleased to say that the wonderful Suzi Quatro has given me her take on Elvis Presley, what he meant to her, and perhaps what she meant to him!

There are also many quotes from some quite surprising artists - but more of that in the next update.


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