Thursday, 20 April 2017

Elvis Presley Under The Covers by Michael Madden - YouTube

I have frequent debates with my son about the merits of modern artists such as Justin Bieber versus The King himself. He doubts the popularity of Elvis Presley based on his number of YouTube hits.

It cannot be denied that JBs hits are measured in the hundreds of millions, but that is probably because he performs in the digital age.

The six songs featured in Elvis Under The Covers have the following Youtube stats...

Can't Help Falling In Love 47.5m
In The Ghetto 44.4m
Don't Be Cruel 8.2m
Heartbreak Hotel 10.9m
Jailhouse Rock 79.2m
Teddy Bear 2.1m

Not bad for someone who died almost 28 years before YouTube was created!



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