Monday, 23 December 2013

Mike Sanchez - Big Town Playboy: The Heat Is On

The deadline to get the text to the publisher is fast approaching. He is actually quite relaxed about it, but the book is due to be released in May 2014 and a promotional tour  has already been planned. So not a good deadline to miss. My original estimate of 50,000 words is way out - we are up to 72,000 and heading for 80.

Should have lots of good photos to include. Robert Plant has completed the foreword and I did indeed catch up with Dr Feelgood's Steve Walwyn. Also had good chats with several people including Andy Fairweather-Low.

Ive only got 1 or 2 more interviews to undertake and some spit and polish to apply, but got some nice words from the publisher telling me that my work is of a significantly higher quality than he is used to working with. That means the chance of rework is low making it more likely to get the book out by May. Expect more frequent updates as we thrash out the last stages of the copy editing.

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