Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Mike Sanchez - Big Town Playboy

Its been a busy summer working on Mike Sanchez - Big Town Playboy, the authorised bio of a larger than life rock and roll piano player / vocalist, but its not all rock and roll!

Met Robert Plant and Peter Richardson at Mike's wedding in June, and spent a couple of hours talking to Jeff Beck. Also met Mike's original band, The Rockets, and spent some time with them in Kidderminster. Got some great stories, and have lots of other material from people like Martin Lunt (Jools Holland's sax player), Antonio Coni, Ricky Cool, etc. Waiting for more info from Rick Vito, Bill Wyman and many more, and off to see Mike in Leamington Spa in a couple of weeks when I am hoping to catch up with ex Dr Feelgood and Big Town Playboys guitarist Steve Walwyn.

Also waiting on news on the foreword from Robert Plant!

Spent a couple of days with Mike at his home in Madrid at the beinning of September, and we made a video of some of his pics.

Mike Sanchez photo gallery

Still a ton of work to do - and in terms of progress Ive completed about 28000 words, of which 22000 are in the right place! And Im only up to 1986.

Unfortunately the sequel to Stags! is very much on the back burner but its still getting 5 star reviews. Here's the latest...

I enjoyed reading this book and the humour regarding football, sex, pubs, sex, and more thoughts of sex. The story evolved around Pete getting a fake passport for one of his mates for a trip to Amsterdam.
But the author should get his facts right. Passports are not sent in a brown paper envelope through the post they are sent by a courier and they must be signed for with proof of identity such as a driving licence.

Not sure about the bit about the passport, but hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Might have news of a sporting biography coming this space.

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