Saturday, 27 April 2013

Too Many Books, Too Little Time

Regular readers will know the disaster around MMM...Student...Cookbook, however I have not given up on that completely. I've also got a load of new recipes, such as butternut squash soup, home made burgers, and a variation of key lime pie made with chocolate and oranges. I also know a lot of students. So I could just get them started on the cookbook rather than relying on Salford University, and the latest US review of Mmm...No1...Cookbook makes me want to write more!

I am glad to say that this cookbook stands out from others because it is actually useful. The recipes are easy to understand. That right there is a major plus for this book. And when that is combined with the fact that the recipes are interesting and the variations make me want to try things in more ways, the book comes out a winner.

Also, the chatty way the author shares about cooking and his family is really endearing. I hope he publishes more cookbooks soon.

Stags! is still my most successful book, and I have started, stopped, started again and stopped again on the sequel, "Infidelity". Reviews always stimulate more effort, and this appeared on Amazon recently

I don't remember getting this, so when I started reading it, I couldn't remember what I had reviewed about this book and boy I was hooked within a few pages and couldn't put this book down. What a brilliant insight into how men think or not think has the case may be. Lots of great characters that a reader can relate it and quite a few moments where your laughing out load because its hilarious or embarrassing. I will definitely look out for more by this author

And then there's Mike Sanchez - Big Town Playboy. Im seeing Mike again next week at the Burnley Blues Festival, and we should get enough information together to get half way through the book.

Anyone interested in other stuff should visit Whaley Bridge Cricket Club. I maintain the website - as well as the infamous "Captain's Blog".

Thats all on top of the day job. I'll keep you posted

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