Sunday, 17 March 2013

Moving Up - Mike Sanchez, Moving Down - Students!

Interesting, exciting and disappointing news this week, and I'll start with Mmm...Student...Cookbook. After several drafts from the students at Salford University I have officially put the project on hold. When they can't even produce an original recipe for cheesy garlic bread and egg mayo sandwiches, and when two of their other recipes consist of adding hot water to packet jelly its time for a rethink. Maybe I'll do this on my own in the future, or maybe I'll revisit Salford for a different set of students next year. Lessons learned and all that!

Anyway, the interesting and exciting news is all around Mike Sanchez - Big Town Playboy. I met Mike at his gig in Shaw on Friday night last week, and met the members of his current band too. Everyone was keen to have their say on Mike's career, in a warts and all kind of way. Mike also gave me his assistant's number, so things may move more quickly from now on. Mike recently did a lengthy interview for Blues In Britain which gives me plenty more material to work with, whilst Mike's assistant is certain that Robert Plant will do the foreword for the book. Mike was recenly contacted by an author writing a book to commemorate Eric Clapton's fifty years in the music business. Mike played with Eric and supported him on tour many times, and Mike's input to the book covers a significant period of time in Eric's career. In a sort of "you scratch my back" arrangement, the author thinks that Eric will be more than happy to contribute to "Mike Sanchez - Big Town Playboy".

Expect more frequent updates over the next few months as we try to confirm input from other notables such as Bill Wyman, Mick Fleetwood, etc.
Artist and author catch up at Playhouse 2 in Shaw
Getting to know oustanding guitarist Tom Bull

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