Saturday, 25 August 2012

KDP Select Free promo update

Interesting stats on the KDP Select promotions.

Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle has had 21 US and 8 UK downloads, resulting in Amazon rankings of and 4702 and 4659 respectively.

Stags! has done better, with 12 US and 39 UK downloads, resulting in Amazon rankings of 6231 and 606 respectively, with a UK ranking of 19 in Kindle Books humour which is a great start after 12 hours.

Update: More downloads for Stags! overnight - now 29 and 56 (US and UK) translating into rankings of 4069 and 648.

Update: Stags! now reached #99 in Amazon Kindle ebooks humour in the US with a ranking of 3755 overall. Still going well in the UK too.

End of promo for Stags! sees 88 downloads in the US and 104 in the UK. A little disappointing perhaps, but it has been free twice before, and it did generate two new reviews.

The sequel to Stags! is now well into the planning stages, whilst my sci fi short story The Hole is starting to take shape.

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