Friday, 6 July 2012

Projects In Limbo

Do any of you go through periods like this? Ive got two books floating around the Amazon lists but I really should get on with my other projects. Maybe I have too many on the go, maybe the constant rain is not providing any inspiration. Fifty Shades Of Grey? Thats just the clouds out front. There are even more out back.

Cricket will almost certainly be off tomorrow. Maybe that will convince me to sit down and write. But I want to learn Portuguese before I go to Lisbon in August, and I want to learn guitar too. Maybe I just need to give up work!


  1. Hi Mike,
    I know exactly how you feel! Between work, and community service work, and my blog, and trying feebly to market The Deliverers, it's tough to find time to work on the sequel. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the wife and kids--I need to spend time with them.

    Great blog by the way. Thank you for following mine! I am now a follower! I haven't checked, but are your books available in the US?

    1. Hi Greg

      Thanks for the follow. Yes all titles available in the US on Amazon, and of course on Kindle. I will be making them all free again in the next few weeks - built up a much bigger social "buzz" since last time so very interested to know the results. Especially for Stags! that has had hundreds of paid downloads in the last couple of months.