Saturday, 21 July 2012

Planning Day

Well, I finally got round to something constructive activities in the writing process. Not actual writing you understand, this was just planning. Thinking of engaging in Write-Connections Publishing Hour using their Skype connection, so Ive prepared for that session, and Ive also planned the plot for a couple of Sci Fi short stories that Ive had in mind for some time.

A zombie poem in the style of The Raven and a Cat In The Hat type tale for my wife's birthday are next up, but the real big one, and the subject of most of my queries for the Publishing Hour, is the bio of Mike Sanchez.

Managed to finish off three articles for High Peak Review, one about Mmm...No1...Cookbook, one about my next door neighbour Jenni Pinches who is in the gymnastics Team GB at the Olympics, and one on Care Farming. The Care Farming one will be held back until September, but you can read the other two on my website 

Michael Madden's website.

My Man United Fan Blog is going well, starting to develop a regular following.

Man United Fan Blog

Nice surprise this morning, as Mmm...No1...Cookbook has crept back into the top 100 in Kindle Food & Drink, and Stags! is still selling well. I've got loads more followers and friends, so looking for a good impact when I make them free again in August/September.

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