Monday, 16 July 2012

The Olympian Next Door

Ive had a hectic couple of days trying to find some time to interview my next door neighbour for the High Peak Review. Jenni Pinches has been chosen to represent Team GB in the gymnastics competition, and I also offered to provide a collage of Youtube clips to show at her Olympic send off party. She has had the ambition to perform at the Olympics virtually all of her life, and now she will get to realise her dream. Her family and friends are all very proud of her, and you can follow her on Twitter @jempin515.

Meanwhile, Stags! continues to sell well, though sales of Mmm...No1...Cookbook have dropped off. I will be using free promotions in the next month or so to boost sales of all of my titles.

Incidentally, I had some rather strange news at the weekend. I have a cousin in Canada (actually I have three, and thats not the news), named Mark Posey, and Mark is a professional wrestler who "performs" under the monicker of Mr Intensity. More news on this when the kids have stopped telling everyone in the school yard.

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