Monday, 2 July 2012

Michael Madden on Kris Wampler's Blog

This week I am featured on Kris Wampler's blog that can be found here:-

Kris Wampler's Blog

Kris has a fantastic blog and features a different indie author each week. He is also successful in hos own right, having written "Love Train" that is now available on Nook here:-

Love Train Nook edition

Not keen on the first of the month - my Amazon sales go down to zero!!! Quite pleased that Mmm...No1...Cookbook and Stags! both keep tiptoeing into the Amazon top 100 rankings in their own genres.

Fantastic trip to Alicante with the lads last week - plenty of stories for Infidelity the sequel to Stags!

Next up, though, is my Manchester United blog that will be on sale, warts and all, at the end of the season. Got plenty of material for June, starting with the end of season disappointment, right through to David Beckham not being selected for the Olympics.

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