Monday, 30 July 2012

Do You Write? A Question by Michael Madden

So, I'm about to go on holiday, and that is where I get most of my inspiration, when the kids are otherwise occupied. I normally take a pad and a few pens, ideal for sketching out ideas, plots, characters, or just odd ideas. The laptop comes much later, when the scribblings have shaped themselves into a project. This may be more time consuming, but it works for me. What works for you?

I've been working on promoting my last 3 days of Mmm...No1...Cookbook free on Kindle. I'm not marketing the book beyond this weekend, but I am hopeful of some good stats before I engage with Salford University on Mmm...Student...Cookbook.

I use any or all of the following:-

Pixel Of Ink
Kindle Nation Daily (paid)
EReader News Today (for books with enough quality reviews)
Digital Book Today (for books with enough quality reviews)
Book Blogs
I'm also looking at the following:-
Kindle Book Promoter @Kindle_promo
Indie Author Success 
What do you use? Any advice?

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