Friday, 1 June 2012

Stags! and a dark poem

Where does all the time go? Would love to find time to write but this week all I've managed is a poem, and its darker than my normal style. Thats because a friend of mine, Dominic Keefe, has offered to illustrate a piece of work, and his illustrations are generally very dark and detailed.

Here is the poem:-

Where Did All The Children Go?

Where did all the children go
That played in hail and played in snow
That played in sun and played in rain
Now never to be seen again?

I hear their cries but not their screams
For they were taken in their dreams
Where once were legion now they're none
Unspoken innocence has gone

Into the darkness do not speak
Their bones to break as hearts are weak
And soon the coffins will be filled
As on the ground their blood is spilled

Anguished cries when hands are wrung
And then their weeping song is sung
To hail their memory rue their fate
We could do nought we were too late

But still we wonder where they've gone
And just who took our little ones
That used to look to us in fear
Now all that's left are hollow tears

Meanwhile, Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle has been republished using Createspace. It actually looks quite good, but I think I still prefer the original. The date of June 23rd has been set for a reading on Blog Talk Radio, I'll be posting links here nearer the time.

Stags! is till in 3 bestseller charts, and its first KDP Select term runs out next week, which means I will have the opportunity to offer it free again. Need to evaluate the best strategy for that one.

Finally, Mmm...No1...Cookbook is still making occasional sales - may be time to give that a push and make it free on Kindle. Got some guest blog appearances coming up and again I'll post the links here nearer the time.

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