Saturday, 16 June 2012

Its Story Time In Tumbattle!

Actually been a quiet week, with a somewhat therapeutic trip to the Williams F1 centre for a conference being the highlight.

Stags! continues to sell and is in the #6423 in paid Kindle store. Unfortunately this is not enough for any bestseller categories, but other promotional activities over the next few weeks may give it a boost.

Mmm...No1...Cookbook hasnt sold anywhere near as many copies, but is #8,986 in paid Kindle store which gets it to #25 in Kindle Food & Drink. Staying above Anthony Bourdain and Thomasina Miers amongst others!

Should be featuring on Amelia Curzon's blog this weekend Amelia Curzon's blog

Next weekend promises to be interesting, with Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle featuring on Blog Talk Radio.

Here are the links:-

Its Story Time

Its Story Time Blog

It airs at 10am EST which is 3pm UK time. After the show I will post the link so that you can listen at your leisure.


  1. Thanks for the follow. I returned the favor. Love your vegetables background! I would like to talk more about that radio show you mentioned and congrats on your book's success!


    1. Hi Penny

      Thanks for the follow.

      You can email me at and I'll tell you what I know about the radio show, though will probably know more after this weekend's broadcast.



  2. Congrats on your Kindle ranking! I'm sure with time and promotions, it will continue to improve.

    I'm a new follower -- I found your blog via bookblogs. My blog is
    Come by and check it out!

    1. Hi Nickie

      Thanks for the encouragement. Eventually the hard work is worth it!

      Now following you through GFC.