Saturday, 19 May 2012

Stags! - Officially a UK Bestseller

At around 1 o clock this morning Stags! finally dragged its sorry ass to the top of the charts. I thought it was going to get stuck at number 2 but no. It took the final leap - and 9 hours later it is still there. Number 1 in Free Kindle Humour (UK).

Say what you like about the book, but it has reached a status that many others aspire too, and quite frankly I am very excited about it!

Learning how to play the market and the rankings is as much a part of being a self published author as writing the book in the first place.

I suppose it would be too optimistic to hope for Stags! to reach number 1 in Free Kindle overall. 13 places would be a massive climb in that list, but its free all weekend so Ive not given up hope completely.

Planning to give away 100 signed postcards/flyers from the book's promotional material (its a bit hard signing a Kindle) as a gesture of thanks to everyone who downloaded it.

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