Friday, 18 May 2012

Stags! by Michael Madden - Almost A Bestseller

Stags! has another 3 free days on Kindle, and it has reached some heady heights. In the US it is at number 53 in Free Kindle Humor, and around 2,900 in Free Kindle Overall. In the UK it has done fantastically well, reaching number 16 in Free Kindle Overall and number 2 in Free Kindle Humour. Another push over the weekend and it could well hit the number 1 spot!

Ive also discovered that theres a free Kindle app for iphone and ipad, so I am going to plug that over the weekend.

Might have more time on my hands as its pouring down again, and the prospects of cricket are slim.

Preparing for a cookfest on June 10th when my huge paella pan will make its debut, using the famous paella recipe from Mmm...No1...Cookbook. Might be a bit tricky scaling up the ingredients but should be a lot of fun.

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