Friday, 27 April 2012

Mmm...No1...Cookbook - Progress!

Sally has finished the proofread. Only 5 errors in 118 pages! I've got a lazy weekend (inevitable with all of this rain) so should get chance to make the changes and sort out first proof from Createspace. Might get some feedback from my trained chef, but then again might not.

It rained one two and it rained three four
It rained five six then it rained some more
It rained five six, six five and then
It rained on past the count of ten
(Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle)

In other news, my Goodreads author page has been set up, so I'm about to start modifying that. Should I blog on there, or just update this blog? Who knows? But thats for the future. Also concentrating on reviewing many of the books I read in the near and far past. Dennis Wheatley, John Wyndham, Tolkien, memories come flooding back. Lots of Stephen King too, and some sports autobiographies and some humour. And, of course, The Cat In The Hat!

You can pay it a visit here:-

It should look very different by Sunday! Need to get to 50 books to get librarian status and then I can add the UK and Kindle version of Stags! and Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle.

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