Monday, 30 April 2012

Mmm...No1...Cookbook - Kindle Formatting

I'm fully familiar with issues around Kindle formatting, but the issue I got last night was beyond me. I've got a simple Word document using Arial fonts of 12 and 11, but no matter what I tried I ended up with a double space between a heading and some text, rather than single. I even deleted all of the text and retyped it, setting the font before or afterwards or even both! Anyway, its only in one minor place in the document so I let it go. I may resolve it before the final edition goes out. I've set the price at $1.99 which should be attractive.

Better news of Createspace. Mmm...No1...Cookbook is ready for review so I ordered 2 proof copies. I've already done the editing and checked the layout, so although I could have used the Createspace electronic proof I much prefer getting the hard copy of the book. It gives you so much more to go on, for instance when I see the finished article I may change the colour scheme or even the entire design! I opted for expedited delivery so it should arrive by Thursday which is pretty amazing, and it was only just over $32.

Working on High Peak Review article and guest blogs today, plus planning our annual boys Trip that would be telling!

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