Saturday, 14 April 2012

MMM Number 1 - A Cookery Book By Author Michael Madden

This is the home of my latest project, "MMM Number 1". My wife Sally came up with the name - I'm not convinced. The project was originally started to allow me to keep all of my recipes in one place, but then it sort of grew. I have selected 50 for this volume (hence Number 1), but I already have dozens awaiting future volumes. Further issues could well contain guest recipes, so please feel free to email me your favourites to

I will post a couple of recipes here in the near future.

Today, April 14th, I prepared, cooked, filmed and photographed my signature dish, paella. The video will appear on Youtube in the near future, and the photographs will form part of the cover. I am going to create a paperback edition through Createspace, but this is really only to provide me with a decent cover for the Kindle edition on Amazon.

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