Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Raven

Cant believe I allow myself to get so busy. As soon as one thing finishes another two start, and the latest of these is The Raven. This is an adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe classic that will be performed at the Buxton Festival Fringe on four dates in July. For more details visit

There is then a book of horror and scifi short stories. To be honest I've not got very far with this one yet.

Next up its Stags 2 - working title 'Infidelity'. I have loads of material for this - now its all about weaving it into a story.

Then there is Mmm...No2...Cookbook. Got half of the recipes, need to finalise the other half and then get on with it!.

Finally, there's 'The History Of Zombies'. I am almost a third of the way through creating this, and in terms of writing this is my focus at the moment. Ideally I will have it finished before the kids break up for summer - but its unlikely at this stage.

Sadly another Mike Sanchez gig is at the bottom of my priority list, but that may all change very quickly.

More later....