Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mmm...Student...Cookbook - Facebook and more

The Facebook page went live today - just a pic of a Pot Noodle and some packet soups but already got over 50 Likes.

Mmm...Student...Cookbook on Facebook

I've also got the first draft of the recipes, and I am ploughing through them, proof reading and making appropriate amendments.

If all goes to plan the book will be out sooner than expected. Check back later for more details.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mmm...Student...Cookbook - now under way

I met with a group of 7 students at Salford University on Tuesday and I outlined my plans for Mmm...Student...Cookbook. They were sceptical at first, after all, this is only a project to fit in with their course work and they thought that they wouldn't have time, but when I explained the Createspace and Kindle aspects they said they could do it by Christmas!

That is probably a bit too ambitious, but it will certainly be published in time for their Live Project EXPO in May.

They were particularly enthusiastic when I told them that their work would be accredited in the book, and they would definitely appear in an Amazon bestseller list.

So, they are looking for 50 recipes, and I will help them along the way with any that I can get hold of. I don't want to fall into the "50 ways to cook a Pot Noodle" trap, but I'm looking for simple, cheap fare, something that most students could turn their hand too.

Interestingly, I've had two suggestions so far, and both involved pasta and cheese. There could be a theme developing!

If you have any recipes you think might be worth including, please send me the details, including a bit of background (university, course, when and where you cooked it).